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Green-oriented Approaches

Green-oriented Approaches

Basic Philosophy

Shibaura Electronics “thermistors” contribute to the effective use of energy through control of temperature. Therefore, it can be said that thermistors are effective in promoting environmental activities, and reducing environmental impact, thus improving the environment. Taking pride in manufacturing products that support protection of the environment, we at Shibaura Electronics base our activities and operations on the principles of “Protection of the Global Environment” and “Coexistence with the Natural Environment”.

Activity Guidelines

Protection of the Natural Environment
In its business operations, Shibaura Electronics keeps the regional community and ecosystems and endeavors in mind to prevent pollution.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
Shibaura Electronics abides by international treaties, laws, ordinances, and voluntary restraints related to the environment.

Consideration toward the Environment
Shibaura Electronics is cutting down on energy consumption and reducing the use of materials which burden the environment while transitioning to alternatives.

Establishment of Environmental Goals and Objectives
In order to implement its environment policies, Shibaura Electronics has established “environmental objectives” and “environmental goals” in order to promote its planned environment protection activities.

Creation and Ongoing Improvement of Environment Management System
By creating an environment system based on its environment policies and periodically conducting management reviews and internal environment audits, Shibaura Electronics continuously improves its environment management system.

June 27, 2019
Akira Kasai
Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.