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Since the foundation of Shibaura Electronics in March 1953, we have specialized in the manufacturing and sales of thermistor elements and temperature sensors and, without diversifying the business, especially focused on development of thermistors meeting customers’ needs. In 1972, we developed a glass-encapsulated thermistor, which has become the world standard thereafter. Although there are not many chances to directly see or recognize thermistors in our daily lives,they are being used in a great variety of fields, including home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers, and microwave ovens; housing equipment such as gas water heaters; office automation equipment such as copying machines and printers; and automobiles. Thermistors are playing an extremely important role in supporting our convenient lives in energy-saving ways and resolving global environmental problems.
As our management philosophy, we have adopted making a contribution to the environment, energy saving, safety and security of the world in cooperation with world-wide customers in order to assure more comfortable and prosperous lives of people. All members of Shibaura Electronics Group will unite and try harder to provide customers all over the world with high performance and excellent quality products meeting the needs of the age by utilizing our cutting-edge technology and quality management system.

Hiroyuki Hashikura
Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.