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Corporate Philosophy

Focusing on Thermistors

“Choice and concentration” is a corporate strategy to define its strongest business field and devote management resources to the specific field.
We have been focusing on thermistor elements and sensors for measuring and controlling temperature, humidity and air speed since our foundation. Without developing multiple operation, we have established the present constitution of Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. through a long, steady series of hard work including intensive development of thermistors to meet our customer needs.
Thatis our consistent corporate philosophy since the very beginning of our history and we will hold it firmly into the future. We believe that focusing on customer needs and developing competitive products is the secret behind our strength.

Shibaura's Way of Business

Inorder to respond appropriately to the swiftly-changing world, it is vital to obtain, select and handle the latest information speedily and accurately.
All employees of Shibaura are expected to handle information properly by confirming it with their own eyes. It is our basic rule to supply high quality products to our customers swiftly, which is ensured by our state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive quality management system.

Contribution to the World

Today the global environmental problems are themost important issues for all human beings. We believe our mission is to respond to the ecological demands and to support the comfortable and prosperous lives for people all over the world. In achieving our corporate mission, we will continue to do our best to contribute to the improvement of the lifestyle of every one of our customers by supplying products that meet the market demands with our “better quality”, “lower price” and “more stability” policy.