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Business of Shibaura Electronics

Specialized manufacture of thermistors

For over 60 years, we have specialized in thermistors as the major part of our business. We are the leading manufacturer in the thermistor market, backed up by highly reliable products, high ability to make technical proposals, and superior production capacity. A thermistor is a semiconductor and its resistance drastically changes with temperature. We manufacture NTC thermistors that decrease their resistance as the temperature rises and are used in various applications such as temperature sensors for temperature control.
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Specialized manufacture of thermistors

Thermistor market

We have identified opportunities in both the advanced and the developing countries, as both pursue more comfortable and affluent lifestyles, improved industrial efficiency and better energy saving. As a result we believe the importance of thermistors will significantly increase, due to a higher demand for delicate temperature control.
Therefore we at Shibaura aim to contribute to the world by continuing as the world’s leading thermistor manufacturer.

Advantages of Shibaura

Technologies covering a vast array of applications

Because of the extensive product lineup, abundant results, accumulated technologies, and the ability to make proposals based on the technologies, Shibaura is providing a wide variety of customers with products in many fields such as automobiles, home appliances, housing equipment, office automation equipment, industrial equipment and so forth.

Global business deployment

Shibaura’s thermistors are highly regarded from domestic and overseas customers.
With a total of four overseas sales offices established in Europe, USA and Asia, the domestic and overseas sales staff work in cooperation to carry out business operations.
Supply of products meeting versatile needs of customers is supported by six domestic and three overseas production sites.

Healthy financial condition

Shibaura has a healthy financial condition with its capital adequacy ratio as high as more than 60%.
In addition, we continuously have had a current-account surplus for more than 10 years, reserving a stable profit. As a result, it enables capital investments in a planned and consistent way, creating a virtuous cycle and leading to further growth.