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The resistance of a thermistor is defined in the standard JIS C 5602 as follows:
“The DC resistance value of a thermistor when measured at a specified temperature with sufficiently low power dissipation where its resistance change due to self-heating is negligible as compared to the overall error in measurements.”

Shibaura measures the resistance of thermistors using standardized current values and in-house developed high precision thermostatic baths.
Shibaura’s thermistors are all NTC thermistors and their resistance lowers as temperature rises.
The relationship between resistance R and absolute temperature T can be approximated by the following equation.

For a desirable circuit design, it is recommended to select a thermistor that exhibits the resistance within a range from 100Ω to 100kΩ for a usage temperature range.
Shibaura offers a variety of options to be selected for your specific thermistors.

The resistance can be varied by changing the size of a thermistor chip.
We are ready to customize any of our products in order to fulfill your demands.