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B Constant

The B constant expresses a degree of thermistor sensitivity (change rate of its resistance) to temperature changes.
The change rate can also be expressed by the gradient of a line. The larger the gradient, the higher the sensitivity.

The B constant is derived from the following equation using a change rate in resistance between two given temperatures.

The B constant, unlike the resistance, cannot be varied by changing the chip size, but is determined by the material composition of a thermistor chip.
Additionally, in general, the larger the B constant, the higher the resistance of a thermistor will be. Therefore,  the combination of resistance and B value has a limitation.
It is, for example, very difficult to create a thermistor which has a very high resistance and a very small B value.
Shibaura has a vast array of combinations of resistances and B values, and you can see a part of the whole data on our website and product catalogue.   
We also support you with creating an original B value.

Here is an example of a B value (B0/100) calculation.