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Introduction to Our Products

Shibaura provides thermistors in the forms of elements and sensor assemblies.
You can view the lineup of our standard products by clicking on the links below.

Thermistor elements

A thermistor element is the basic element, the heart of a sensor, for outputting resistance-temperature characteristics.
It is fabricated in the form of a sensor assembly or mounted onto the surface of a printed circuit board depending on a specified application.
All of Shibaura’s thermistor elements use thermistor chips having a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC); that means the thermistor resistance lowers as the temperature rises.
Applicable element models can be selected considering the operating temperature, resistance-temperature characteristics, response time, dimensions, mechanical strength, mount type and other factors.

Thermistor sensors

A thermistor sensor is assembled using one or more of our thermistor elements according to its specific purpose (such as for automobile components, office automation equipment, housing equipment, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, research, etc.) and operating environment (temperature range, measuring object, mounting position, mechanical strength, etc.)
Applicable models can be selected from our diverse sensor products considering various conditions.
In addition to temperature sensors, several types of humidity sensors are also available.

We are ready to customize any of our products in order to fulfill your demands.