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What is a Thermistor?

A thermistor is an electric component and its force of opposing the flow of current (that is, resistance) varies with temperature. When the temperature increases (or decreases), the resistance becomes lower (or higher)*. Therefore, the current flow in the thermistor represents the current temperature. Because thermistors have high thermal sensitivity and are small in size and durable against shock and vibration, they are being used in various products supporting our daily lives. Here are three products familiar to us.

*Note) In a technical term, this is referred to as Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC).

a) Air conditioner

An air conditioner lowers the room temperature by absorbing heat and supplying cool air with the indoor unit and discharging the absorbed heat through the outdoor unit. For controlling the temperature, thermistors are used in both the indoor and outdoor units.

b) Automobile


An automobile usually uses about 15 thermistors. Some of them are used to check the engine and external temperatures. They help to optimize the combustion inside the engine.

c) Coffee maker

c) コーヒーメーカー

A coffee maker, often seen in coffee shops or homes, uses a thermistor to appropriately control the temperature of hot water.

As described above, thermistors are indispensable to our modern lives.
Many products are being developed and manufactured in response to modern day demands from people seeking a more affluent lifestyle. Therefore, needs for temperature sensing are becoming more and more diversified.
As the leading manufacturer of thermistors, Shibaura will keep meeting the needs of the age.

Detailed descriptions about a thermistor are given in the Technical Information pages. Click here to find out more.